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Italexport is an Italian Company which works in the lightingfield, specialized in designing and realizing ceiling fans. Italexportʼs products are different from the others products for their quality, functionality and original design. These objectives can only reached thank to a close cooperation between our research and development departments, their professional know how, their experience and their creativity. Only with these characteristics enable to realize elegant, original and functional products. Originally projected for tropical climate, Italexportʼs fans are now used also in other contexts and climates.

For example in offices, shops, hotels, or private houses, in which they develop a function of environmental comfort and decoration. When buying a fan, it’s important to verify that the article is CE origin; a fan at the maximum speed turns at 250-280/minutes, and it’s important that every element, from electronics’ functions to blades, fits to the use. Advantages in using Italexportʼs fans: - They can ensure moderate movement of the air: essential condition for healthiness and efficiency of their work. - Stripping of the warm air to ceiling and exploiting the insulation of the roof. Absorbing the warm of the lighting.- More rapid elimination of bed smell and smokes.

In summer time the use of a ceiling fan at high velocity can immediately give relief in a big area. It’s not only a sense of coolness due to the stimulation of the epidermis, but also a real reduction of the temperature of the air adherent to the body, thanks to the increase of the evaporation of the transpired damp. As everybody knows, warm air rises in the upper part of the space and its heat escapes through the air coverage in proportion to the temperature difference between inside and outside. Using a fan in winter time provides a homogeneous rooms temperature, creating more hot air circulating.